Top 7 ideas for promoting the new products at your tech store this holiday season

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The holiday season is the perfect time to promote the new products at your tech store. People are already looking for gifts and also want to avail any post-holiday discounts. So, it is the perfect time to promote your tech store and get the word out.

So, pick out a set of products you want to promote over the holidays, and then see how you can market them in the best way possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Run email campaigns

Run a promotional email campaign for your new products. Make sure you let people know you are launching these new products as a special holiday surprise. Highlight the features in these new products and offer special introductory prices.

Announce this launch in your first emails, and then give more details and offers in the next emails. Use the technology email templates on PosterMyWall to highlight your products and showcase their features. Then, send these emails out to your email lists, and track their performance.

Send out gift guides

The holidays are a prime time to give out gift guides to your customers. Give people suggestions for various gifting groups. For example, create gift guides for family, friends, partners, children, and acquaintances.

Make sure you add products from your new offerings in each of these new guides. Also highlight any deals or special offers you have for your new products in these gift guides. Get a designer to turn these gift guides into attractive leaflets and pamphlets. Also put them up online, and try to add interactive elements. Target these gift guides at the appropriate audiences to get the best results.

Host a holiday event

A holiday event is a great way to promote your new products. You can host it in-store and online. Run a few contests and games to hype up the event. This will help you get more customers in and get them to browse through your products.

Offer refreshments and entertainment at your holiday event. Send out invites to your audience, and make sure you host the event on a day when people probably won’t have holiday commitments. Also highlight any contests or prizes you’ll have in your invite to entice your audience to attend your event.

Offer gifting packages

Create a number of gifting bundles and packages to make life easier for your customers. Many people would love to get a large chunk of their gift list out of the way in one place. Create common groupings of your tech products, and then offer the complete bundles at good prices.

Also add gift packaging and cards to these bundles, so that people don’t have to do anything else. If you offer them shipping with these packages, they would appreciate it even more. Basically, you need to offer the complete gifting experience, from product to wrapping and shipping. Many people would love to avail these packages, as they will make life convenient for them.  

Give deals and discounts

Offer a number of deals and discounts on your new products. Frame these as your offer to your customers for the new year and beyond. Give discounts and promo codes in-store and online. Make sure you let people know these are available for only a limited time.

This will generate a sense of urgency, and tempt people to hit that purchase button. Hype up your new products and frame the messaging in a way that states these products won’t be up at such good prices again any time soon.

Update your branding

The holidays are the perfect time to make an impression on your audience. So, update your branding and add some festive elements to it. Update your website banner, logo, and add some fun elements to your social media profiles as well.

This will showcase the effort you’re putting behind your new products, and will also help you increase audience engagement. So, put some effort into your branding, and give it a fresh look for the new year. This will be in line with the launch of your new products, and will create hype around them.

Incorporate influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to promote your new tech products. So, you need to incorporate it into your holiday marketing toolkit. Do your research and find out what influencers are popular in your niche and area. Then, reach out to a few of them and send them your new products to test out and promote.

Have them make videos and promote your products leading up to the launch. Get tech experts to review these products as well. This will help you reach out to wider audiences, and expand your customer base.

In conclusion, there are many ways you can promote the new products at your tech store this holiday season. Make sure you have a solid plan in place, and you’re good to go.

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